American Legion Post 259 Debary, FL

Memorial Day – “What does it mean to you”?

Some call it a Holiday. A day off from school and work. A day for fun, picnics and fireworks. I call it a day of remembering those who gave all so you could call this day a holiday.

I was at the Vietnam Wall a few years ago.  Seeing all the names on the Wall moved me to write the poem below.  Try and remember what Memorial Day really means.

Vietnam Wall

On these hollow walls

Do you hear the hero call’s?

So many names appear

Their voices I can almost hear


Why did so many have to die?

When I see all the names, I have to cry

There are so many names on this wall of honor

This wall for some has not been discovered


This wall honors those who have fallen

Their lives forever stolen

Do we really understand the cost

The lost of their lives was a terrible lost


Are there more walls yet to come?

The names from Afghanistan have not been summed

More walls are needed to inscribe our hero’s names

Let us honor those who gave their life, I proclaim